Looking at a Place in Spring Tx

I sort of wonder if this is a good idea, because it is obviously risky. I was down in Spring TX a couple of days ago and I ran across this little place which has a lot of attributes that I like. It seems like it would be a fairly inexpensive place to live, based on my research. For instance if you click here for more information you can see that there are low electric rates there. That is not a big deal really, but it is a small factor in the decision. Continue reading “Looking at a Place in Spring Tx”

A New Job, Move and the Ability to Choose

My wife is a teacher, and we lived in an area where teachers are paid very little. For years, we have wanted to live somewhere else where her equal pay would be higher and equal to mine. Every night before I go to bed, I do a little additional reading online to learn about possible cities we can move to that pay their teachers well and to learn if the cost of living there is fair, too.

Neither one of us had ever pictured ourself living in Houston before, but when a friend of my wife’s told her that they had several teaching positions available, we decided to take it seriously. We investigated the cost of electricity, checked out the housing market and anything else we could think of. We found that costs there are less than what we pay now in our busy city, which seemed very appealing to us.

After doing our research, she decided she was going to apply for a teaching position. Then, we crossed our fingers. It is really tough to land one of these coveted positions in the city we live in now. Continue reading “A New Job, Move and the Ability to Choose”