Started Looking for a Company Car

The boss and I have started started thinking about what sort of car I want for a company car. Of course I have to get something nicer for my new position and I am going to be on the road a good bit once I start this new position. It is in a bit of trouble to figure out what I want since the company has a specific idea that does not mesh with what I want. Of course they are going to stick one of those gps trackers on the vehicle so that they will know exactly where I am all of the time and they will be able to change my route when it seems like they have some big plan to follow through on. Of course the thinking is that I need to have a car which is going to help me operate from the road and so they are trying to figure out if they can rig it with some sort of mobile hot spot for the internet or whatever. Continue reading “Started Looking for a Company Car”

The Meal Replacement Shake That Works for Me

I wanted to learn more about meal replacement shakes because I was tired of being tired. I knew that the only way to change that was to change my eating and workout habits. I had no problem replacing my fast food lunch with a meal replacement shake, but I did want to make sure that I got one that was actually going to help me reach my goal of better health. I read quite a few reviews, and I finally decided after reading the best Ideal Shape Shake review that I could find that it was the one that I wanted to try.

I liked that it had one of the lowest calories per serving of all the different shakes out there. This impressed me because they did not sacrifice what is needed in a meal replacement shake. Continue reading “The Meal Replacement Shake That Works for Me”