We Know Exactly How It Feels to Have to Hire Someone to Clean Our House

Pow! Just like that we had two children! Sure, we knew during the pregnancy that there would be twins, but you just cannot grasp all that means until they arrive. We went from working and managing our small home to being two parents with two children that really need a whole lot of time and energy just to keep up with the basics. Being a little older having children did not help either. We had to let some things go, and the easiest was the daily house chores. I looked for house cleaners on the Gold Coast. I needed to give my wife some very much needed relief, and I was pretty much in need of some relief myself. Continue reading “We Know Exactly How It Feels to Have to Hire Someone to Clean Our House”

I Had a Problem with My Energy Company

I knew that the Public Utility Commission of Texas was initially created to regulate the electric utility, but that was no longer a necessity when deregulation happened. I am grateful that this did not mean that the Public Utility Commission ceased to exist though. Even though they no longer needed to make sure that the energy company was not gouging any customers, they had another purpose as well, which was to help customers if they had a valid complaint against the energy utility. When deregulation happened, they were no longer the watchdog for consumers as far as pricing goes.

This is because each company selling the energy to consumers will be careful to not gouge. Continue reading “I Had a Problem with My Energy Company”

Finding a Diet to Treat Gout

A few people in my family have suffered from gout, but I never thought it would happen to me as well. But I was wrong, and now I am starting to deal with gout. But I want to go on the offensive and try to figure out a way to beat gout through proper diet. I am trying to learn about foods and find out is oatmeal good or bad for gout is my first question. I am starting with the foods that I typically eat for breakfast when learning more about how my diet impacts gout. After I am done with breakfast, then I will move to lunch and then finally to dinner. I guess I should also evaluate snacks and other things that are in my diet.

From what I have read so far, it looks like I am going to have to restrict my consumption of oatmeal in order to help to combat gout. I am going to miss eating it, because it is one of my favorite foods. Continue reading “Finding a Diet to Treat Gout”

Getting Ready for the Marathon

There was a marathon of one of my favorite shows coming on for an entire week. It was being advertised on nearly every channel and I just had to see it. There was a major problem preventing this, and it was that I didn’t have the channel that the marathon would be airing on. I had to go to http://www.cable-tv.com/directv/ to find a TV provider that would give me the channel. It was a little weird that the ad for the marathon was airing on channels that wouldn’t be showing the marathon, but I guess the company in charge of the channel wanted to have as much ad space as possible.

For the marathon, I got a lot of snacks and drinks for refreshments. I had the entire week off from work, so all I had to do was watch and enjoy. I had to plan when I would be able to get sleep and bathe, because I couldn’t watch the marathon all day without any kind of break. I chose to break during the episodes that I didn’t enjoy that much. Continue reading “Getting Ready for the Marathon”

Started to Get Settled in Here

We did not have much money left when we got down paying for the house and so what we had before had to suffice. We brought over some stuff from the apartment and my Mom gave me some of her stuff. She moved out of the house and into a nice little condo which is perfect for a single woman her age. She gave us all sorts of felt ball rugs which she had made herself. She is always doing stuff like that and learning how to make things. These are actually pretty nice. Continue reading “Started to Get Settled in Here”

Creating a Solar Panel at Home

Here are a few tips and steps on how to build a DIY solar cell:Before starting you will obviously have to prepare all the materials and essentials that you will need. This will include, duck tape, copper wire, electric ring hob, a handsaw, some thin wood strip, a metal guillotine, copper sheeting properly treated by a sheet metal stamping company to ensure an optimal usage of the metals area and don’t forget some clear Plexiglas. First, you will have to cut the copper sheeting so that it is about 6-8 inches square in size. With this DIY solar cell construction it will be easier to use a stamper, but if this is not possible then just cutting will work just fine. Continue reading “Creating a Solar Panel at Home”