1. 2k knew that live wasn't gonna be coming this year, so they are the only bball game, causing them to put in less work on the game since people will play it since it's the only one

  2. "Greens" killed 2k period and it should of never been implemented within the system. I feel like they need to remove it completely for 2K18 and if you fill your bar, depending on your rating, you should have the highest chance of making it.

  3. I do believe that stats should matter however I strongly disagree with the green release statement you made, i feel that if you get a green it should always go in my reasoning for this is that if you perfect a shot the shot should actually be perfect and go in.

  4. Stats should matter, big ass centers stroke 3s (not talking about stretch bigs) and should not have the ability too… Athletic Finisher was banging them in my eye and I'm a 7'3" 340lb Glass Cleaner… Defense 2 bars from the top.

  5. The thing i hate is how Glass cleaners shoot better than my sharp shooter evem though my 3pt is obviously maxed and ive tried multiple jumpshots.

  6. I think we should just go back to simply "Inside, outside or balanced" with access to gold badges for every badge. Idk about this whole hall of fame badge thing, I feel like it only works for the archetype system.

  7. Anyone else remember before 2K17 dropped when reports kept coming out saying the devs couldn't balance the game? I don't think they'll really ever fix this as long as they use the archetype system. I hope I'm wrong tho cuz I hate NBA Live

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