11 thoughts on ““Can we just cut through the crap here?” and admit special counsel will be nightmare for Trump

  1. WTF is Jack Kingston (repub. on far left screen) talking about. Just taking one of his points, like unemployment being way down. Whats it dropped 2 tenths of a percent? Which is exactly the direction it was heading when Trump took office, it would've gotten there regardless of the WH. I like how the figures were worthless when President Obama was in charge, but now that Trumps in office it suddenly means so much. What about Trumps saying those figures were meaningless? How about how Great unemployment numbers were under Obama even considering 8 years of republican obstructionism. Now thats something to celebrate.

  2. I guess I'm just tired of all the 'winning.' I mean (a) Gasoline is 5 cents a gallon. (b) The minimum wage is $40/hr and the businesses are still making a fortune. (c) The great wall of Mexico is up, Mexico paid the entire bill and it's reported that we made a profit on it to boot. (d) My entire basket of groceries at Walmart was $1. (e) Every nation now loves us. (f) ISIS sent America an apology letter and they all converted to being Evangelical Christians. I guess it's just me. I'm just SO tired of all of the 'winning.' Thanks Trump!

  3. Unemployment down to a "low level" ? In 5 months ? No politician can do this in 5 months – this is a leftover of other guys and now Trump is claiming it. Shame on him and every one who claims this as his achievement.

  4. Trumpsters with no brains. Still haven't learned a thing…going down everyone of them. Their credibility is zero.

  5. what a stupid blonde chicken 😛 love to watch how stupid someone can be. Trump can lie as much as he wants, idiots still believe and support him. "sad"

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