13 thoughts on “Donald Trump Talks About How He Will Handle North Korea – Fox & Friends Interview

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    p.s. How many times does Chump say the word TREMENDOUS when he talks?? lmfao

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  4. Soulaesthete …. I disagree. I have been going back and watching a lot of past reports from the Obama days and a lot of the media were critical of Obama. If you have the time, just watch the Correspondents dinner speeches to see how anti-Obama a lot of these journalists were. But he won them over with some INTEGRITY and a Good will to at least want to do what he felt was right for the country, with the greatest resistance across party lines ever shown to a sitting president. You may not agree with his decisions, but at least he could back it up with sound reasoning and fight for his view point. Trump has no viewpoint, he changes his opinion based on the person he talks to last. He surrounds himself with YES "men"; his party is too power hungry to call him out right now, and he has NO experience. This is not a position to be run impulsively or held where there are no consequences to your actions. I have been trying to give him a go, but he continues to disappoint every day. He lacks basic intellect, and all his blustering is no help when he is being watched 24/7, and worse he lacks the ability to admit he doesn't know everything, and is surrounded by those with their own agendas. We learn everyday of our lives, his EGO is too big for this job, and that is the most frightening thing of all.

  5. Psssst, check out Hammer Smith's comments, the simpleton doesn't even know how the ACA works or that most are on it unless they get it thru their job! For Christ sake Ted Cruz is on it!

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