17 thoughts on “[Ep 31] How to Patch a Sail; and Exploring the Galapagos

  1. Your family seems to have regained, or maybe just learned, how to have fun together. It's awesome to see. Make awesome memories!

  2. I am so glad yo guys made it safe & sound to the Marquesas, your family have been in all of our prayers. Thanks for the new video upload–and warning other Cruisers about the money pitfall of the Galapagos–over priced for sure. You guys are going to love the French Polynesian Island chain–there is so much more to see and enjoy. My favorite place there is the Tahiti Island of Morea, it is so beautiful along with it's people. A lot of nice places to dive to there, w/beautiful Coral and underwater treasures to explore–it's crazy. I'll be waiting for your next cool family adventure video upload. God Bless….

  3. why not sail back to Panama and provision up??? yes… 5days plus 5 days back – but provisioning i hear won't get cheap until the Philippines or Thailand..

  4. Great information, I have watched a dozen videos of people there and not one mentioned the costs and get all supplies in Panama. thanks

  5. It is probably best to explore the Galapagos with an eco-tour that is more focused on environmental education. It is not really an outdoor playground, so I understand the disappointment if that is what was expected. My daughter visited the Galapagos through a university in Quito, as part of her undergraduate coursework, and had an amazing experience. Best wishes, B.

  6. That is a shame. I was told by some none of the money paid stays on the islands anymore but goes straight to some politicians pocket in Ecuador.

  7. Good to see a post, pity you spent so much money with very little return of enjoyment from the Galapagos, thanks for the heads up though if ever I get there, might be cheaper to watch a doco and sail on by. Keep safe.

  8. 60 cans of food for 6 ppl? that makes dinner for 10 days. And I heard in this video that, that food was projected over 3 months!? 😉 teenagers eats like an horses! 3 month's of food, minimum 180 cans of food, then 😉 Then you can do some fishing and complementing as said in video by baking bread and such. Lastly dont, just dont go for the tourist trapps. Those things WILL drain your wallet. And drain it fast! Best wishes and take care, from Sweden.

  9. That's great job Renee, i've just finished watching your full playlist ! your videos are awesome 🙂 Greetings to all the family from Canada ! keep up your dream for us. you guys are so amazing, this is the best sailing channel i've seen so far, true life, is what you show to us , thank you 😀 i just c'ant wait to the next episode and hope you will upload one in Marquises. Fair winds to you all and blessed Zatara to keep you safe 😉

  10. Great video, thanks for sharing… such a shame about the Galapagos, our heritage turned into a commercialised cruisers nightmare.

  11. I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment in Galapagos. The rest of the world operates by charging what the market will bear so I guess you shouldn't be too surprised. At least your investment will help preserve some very unique wildlife and habitat rather than merely some share holders bank account.

  12. Sorry to hear about Galapagos. But glad you are getting the word about about that piracy. Will need to find out if the US is sending any money their way.

  13. First, thank you both for a really fantastic sailing vlog. Excellent, Brilliant! This is a side of sailing those of us who aren't Keith (IE successful enough to afford the sailing lifestyle, in style) rarely get to see… but dream about a lot. Ya'll are in my Must Watch list along w/ Delos, Esper, Lazy Gecko, SandFlea, etc.
    OK, only one comment… "The kids won't eat the apple sauce and the healthy stuff until they get past the Oreo's and the junk food."
    My kids already know, the provisions on our boat will never include any junk foods at all. I simply don't see the value when you consider the space vs time. How little space you actually have vs the amount of time you will need the stores to last.
    Not banging on ya'll… (seriously, I love Oreo's! and Chip's Ahoy were made with cruisers in mind!) But only when I can pop down to the store 24/7/365 and get more when ever… Out on the blue, for weeks or months on end… I'd much rather eat something fresh caught or put together from scratch makins.
    Fair winds and following sea's! JD =/|)=

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