11 thoughts on “Full Day Keto Diet Meal Plan For Women | Female Weight Loss Diet

  1. Do you know a reliable website for reseach for people taking thyriod meds and progesterone and metformin? I heard if not done right it can mess up your motab

  2. Can you explain intermittent fasting? Also, how do you calculate what the best combination is on the grams of food (protein, fat, carb)? Lastly, water should be 1/2 the body weight in ounces = 100 lbs/ 50 ounces water. 200 lbs/ 100 ounces. thanks

  3. Hey I tried to start next week I'm so confused by it all I've tried my calculations everything else there's a lot of thought into it this diet has broken it down perfect. Can I substitute the ground beef for r chicken

  4. I'm doing the keto diet and just starting out. I'm having trouble with meal preps. Can you do the same thing you did here but for a week prep? That way it will give me a good idea on how to do one. Remember first timer here for keto diet, actually a first time diet. It would really help me out and I would appreciate it. Thanks!! Plus I subscribe and watching your videos is awesome!! Inspiring!!

  5. I would have to eat more…. between 14 till 2000 calories…. I am always hungry I only want to lose about 10 pounds…. or just tone up my stomach

  6. That is a great deal on the amni…. I am liking the carb cycling a lot… when I cut out carbs like banana and fruits I been getting charlie horse.. really bad….

  7. Why would you say everyone's macro needs are different but then right afterward say this is enough calories for women with 30+ lbs to lose? Pardon my language but suggesting this generic amount of calories is absolute bullshit! Why not tell people to calculate their TDEE and subtract a % to find their individual needs for dieting? You are sending the wrong message with these videos and reading the comment section is horrifying. These people think IF/keto is some kind of magic trick when it's simply a matter of caloric deficit + adherence in most cases.

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