15 thoughts on “How Can The SJW Marvel GENERATIONS Promo Video Be This Sad?

  1. I wonder how long it will take before the black panther gets replaced with a white guy…

    Oh wait that would never happen.

  2. I don't know if you guys watch Doctor Who at all. But they just made a traditionally male character of over 50 years

    A woman

  3. you are an sjw and you are seriously stupid. Look stuff up before you talk.

    Yes people are saying that.

    I can't watch your videos anymore. They are too childish.

  4. What Marvel is currently failing at recognizing is that by and large they're trying to bash a community who is used to being the outcast, used to opening their arms for shared interests over identity politics, used to telling anyone who would talk to them about it about their interests, and used to characters who run the spectrum of personality and type, with "Hey, you should focus on diversity. You see this character? You should like them because they're (insert race/nationality/gender here)!!!" Marvel readers are just looking at this and going "Yeah. we have a blue lady who can literally change her sex, skin color, and body type at will and we've loved her… What's your point?"

  5. Marvel, consider classics by Dickens, Shakespeare and Austin, they can be interpreted in ways which creators think is appropriate to the age. The adapters of these works attempt to present their version of the text. They might give greater focus to minor characters and they might even create new works giving illumination to supporting characters. They know how to sell a product, consider whether what you do sells?

  6. Yes! You read Vox Day's book on SJWs. It's almost as good as Evan Sayet's The Kindergarden of Evil which is his unified field theory of liberalism.

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