10 thoughts on “How Marvel Fixed a Franchise – Spider-Man: Homecoming

  1. I too liked that Peter felt very vulnerable when trapped – we never see our heroes crying for help like that. It brought home that for all his power and skill, he's just a kid who tries to do the right thing. I thought that rather than finding the strength from the people he cares about, he found it entirely within himself "Come on, Spider-Man!" I can see why they want Holland to be the new face of Marvel, he's got the same ability to play comedy and drama in the same way RDJ has and Spidey is the biggest Marvel character.

  2. I agree with everything you say. I like Marvel movies, but it pulls the film industry down since everyone now (or nearly) tries to copy their style (great mistake) and the lack of proper music, theme and colour scheme in the movies is distracting or annoying (Spiderman Homecoming has terrible music, its really bad). But, the Spiderman character itself is amazing, and Tom Holland does a fantastic job. With all this complaint about Marvel, there is definitely (at least) one thing they do right and that character development (Biggest example is Iron Man (2008).

    Thank you for this video, it was really nice!

  3. To me, i feel like the story fell short. Felt like they forgot what the main focus is. It kind of drifted away plus the ending was so anti-climatic. I didnt like how Tony was involved too, it felt like they needed him so it would be "more exciting" because Ironman and the Avengers. I understand that it supposed to teach him a lesson but Spiderman 2 made me feel like he's way more stuck figuring out what "Great power comes great responsibility" is than in Homecoming, and losing his powers were a powerful tool for Peter to really understand and learn. The thing that bothered me too was if you've seen the trailer for Homecoming, you basically saw the movie and in my opinion, it took away the excitement (keep in mind i only saw one trailer of Spiderman during Wonder Woman). I also thought the jokes got a bit too much but despite that, i was glad to finally see the jokester Spidey and Tom is the perfect Peter and Spiderman.

  4. I hated so much about this movie. It was interesting to hear your take on it, even if I didn't agree with what you said. I'm surprised you thought the best scene in the movie was when yet another super villain figures out who Spider-Man is.

  5. the thing that bothered me in the movie is why did they forgot spiderman's best superpower-spider sense. there is no way spiderman can get hit directly even he is not aware of what will hit him. the only time spiderman gets injured/hit is either he shield someone from harm or its mathematically impossible to dodge. stupid "shocker" just punched the shit outta him in a bus….

  6. I loved homecoming but I felt like there was something missing from the movie. I rewatched the first Spider-Man and it felt good to watch. But even though homecoming was good, I felt like something was missing from it.

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