11 thoughts on “How to Fold T-Shirts

  1. The best way to organize T-shirts (or any clothes) is by hanging them in the closet as they will stay wrinkle free. It is also a LOT faster. You can even get away with ironing if you hang them AS SOON AS they come out of a dryer or may spray some water to flatten out wrinkles as needed. Can you imagine all the lines and wrinkles one has to to deal with on folded cotton shirts? Drawers are good for socks and underwear, in my opinion.

  2. Oh, at last some idea that's made for me … – except, I don't have drawers. After ten years I finally bought wardrobes – 3 metres of them. Nothing fancy inside. Just boards. What would you suggest. How can I file my foldeds in a wardrobe, without spending loads on loads of expensive boxes and such? EasyStax(or whaddaya call it?) is out of the question!
    My name is Alexandra and I'm a messie. I have removed at least 3'300 litres of stuff. What remains will need to be "filed". (I'm a perfectionis

  3. Bullshit, space saver my ass. I took out all my shirts, folded them, put them in this way and i have less shirts in the drawer then when i took them all out. However the rainbow colors is nice. What a waste of time.

  4. I have the flip and fold and I absolutely love it!! I mostly use it when packing for a trip because it folds the shirts so flat that you can get ore in the suitcase! I have my T- Shirts hang in the closet, but. I think I will change them to the dresser. I would have never though to fold them over 1 more time and store them this way! Thanks !!

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