10 thoughts on “Losing Inches But No Weight Loss?

  1. I just lost 15 lbs in 10 weeks….lost the first 8 in 2 weeks!  You just have to be very, very consistent and don't give up!!!

  2. Oh my God I had heard Dr. Berg being on time with what ppl need info about… But this is seriously weird… Such a mind reader… U rock doc!!

  3. Wow, thanks for this. I did if in Oct. and lost almost 20lbs fast. I got off track around the holidays and stayed off track until recently. I never gained any of that weight back but didn't lose anymore. I started if again a month ago and I didnt lose any weight. I lost inches in my middle but no weight loss on the scale, I researched online to see if that was normal but couldn't find any answers for if and losing inches only so I gave up cause I figured it was not going to work this time. Now that I know it's still actually working I'm gonna start again tomorrow.

  4. Going into week 2 of this new way of life. Amazed at lack of hunger and long lasting full feeling. So glad this information came out now before I counted too much on the scale. Going to take my measurements now for comparison later!

  5. Dr. Berg, will your Whole Cruciferous Food capsules or your Electrolyte Powder break the Intermittent Fasting?

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