14 thoughts on “News Wave! – An Awkward Stream Showed Off Nintendo Switch Minecraft!

  1. 0:00 Welcome to News Wave!
    0:05 BotW speed runner completes entire game in 49 hours
    1:29 PS4 Slim getting hard drive upgrade
    2:40 Bandai Namco announces Code Vien
    3:56 Microsoft showed off MineCraft on the Switch
    6:37 Syberia 3 launch trailer
    8:13 Switch update 2.2.0 released
    8:47 AMD revealed RX580 and RX570 cards

  2. it's so stupid when they make above 40fps seeing how it's been proven that the human eye can only are up to 40fps

  3. The Siberia game seems like a bad dub, like they didn't get the final voice actors/lines and just used a placeholder direct translation (a la what we see a lot in interviews with developers who don't speak English).

  4. How long will we keep saying, it's not as good ps4/xbone BUT don't forget you can take the switch version on the go.

  5. it's funny because aeji aounuma said that no one would be able to 100% botw. then he saw the completionist and said maybe there is. then we have this guy who 100% the game in 2 days and 1 hour. I wonder what his reaction is when he sees this

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