14 thoughts on “Obtain the Headlights – The Ever Illustrious Regalia – Crestholm Channels Dungeon Walkthrough – FFXV

  1. Nice and fast walkthrough but right at the end I had no idea where you went. The video skipped to them near the opened door, so I had to look up that part in another vid. Still, my first attempt with no walkthrough took me 2 hours and I couldn't find the last generator. Beat it this time in 20 minutes! (level 70)

  2. Can't climb the ladder with the naga-boss hanging around bottom any ideas? probably will skip all the stuff lying around + enemies… AND any level limit to this place? i'm at lvl 47 and still getting killed… And it's total bullcrap to be placing a headlamp deep underground.

  3. Thank you man I apreciate it. BTW This game is really cool . I mean I played it lot like watch dogs2 Really Thanks to developers

  4. Thx dude it really helped me out man, i was lost for ages trying to find that damn headlight for my bae Regalia

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