14 thoughts on “Part 3 What is Your Problem With God – Subboor Ahmad vs Rob ( Atheist ) | Speakers Corner

  1. Rob usually the talkative one,
    but this time he faced someone with real knowledge of his favorite topics.

  2. There's no explanation of the origin of reason under atheism? How about the Big Bang? That's just around about way of asking where the universe comes from. Once you have the universe you have laws of the universe.

    The Muslim guys answer to all these deep philosophical questions of origin wait for it….. drum roll…. GOD DID IT LOOOL. What a joke. How the hell is that explanation? What the fuck does that explain? Nothing simply saying god did it is a cop out not a answer of any real intelligence.

    Also why does it even matter? Reasons exists we both agree on that we both use it what if you say I don't know. Now what? Atheists can't use reason ? You proven that reason can ONLY exist if god exists? Have you disproven all atheistic accounts of reason? Past present and future? No so stfu with this nonsense.

  3. Did Rob actually say that our God is immoral (audhubillah) when he thinks it's okay for a consenting father and son to have sex with each other? Haha that's how you go full retard. Rob, you should never go full retard.

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