9 thoughts on “ROUND 12 HIGHLIGHTS: Jaguares v Force

  1. en scrum , de vedia coccia ,Albert y albanese estuvieron 20 horas matando a los jugadores y ni una sola crítica ni mención al staf de mierda del impresentable de Raúl Pérez..dan asco…hace rato q no los miro mas ese programa comprado…dan verguenza.

  2. You guys laugh at me all you want, but the force are going to win this competition. you watch!

    Kiwi teams will fizzle out, force will sneak a play off spot from the brumbies and come finals time they will be severely overlooked.

    the canes will fall first, then the crusaders and lastly the lions. YOU WILL SEE!!!!

  3. I think Jaguares it is a good rugby team. But comitted a freakly errors. Lost to tbe Bulls and to the force was simply ridiculous

  4. Man, what a crappy game… two of the worst teams I have seen so far making a clear statement of why they do not deserve to stay in Super Rugby!! Cut 'em loose!!! Or just implement a relegation system and send their sorry asses to a 2nd division!!

  5. holy shit juan hermandez is back didnt know he still played .. also why is peter grant with the trash force smh

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