10 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Uncovered

  1. يا يهود يا نصارى يا جبناء هذا الفيديو صنع اليهود الكفره انا سعودي وعايش في حريه وحنا في حريه الاسلام مطلب السعوديين كلهم حنا وضعنا الدوله السعوديه بانفسنا وشرعنا حكم الله ورسوله بيننا يا ملاحده

  2. It starts with hatred videoes toward muslim countries and claming there is no women rights in these countries. So that they invade them, to become like syria, iraq, afganistan and etc.

  3. Looool, I am a Saudi Woman. This is pathetic, when you try so hard to make Saudi Arabia look bad just because you don't understand it's way of living, so you put falls videos, and bring some Saudi haters and pretend this is the normal life there! First of all, men can not hit women there, the videos that u put is rare situation when u see sick man hit a woman like anywhere in the world!!! And after that the police will came, and punish them as it is in every other country as well. Second of all, the old buildings that u say we live in most of them are illegal immigrants. Where in Saudi Arabia we don't have homeless!! Where ur very good country is full of them. Finally, when the girls are covered, it's just in the streets where there is strangers we're not sure if they have sick minds, yet in our homes or any closed invironment we do wear what ever we want. And that's why Saudi Arabia have much less rape rates, as well as STDs disease compared to ur Beautiful country where u meet a girl, and not Sure how many guy she slept with, and the same for the girl when she's not sure how many girl u slept with. Every country have its way of living, and the shocking thing it may not be the same as yours, so deal with it!!!!!!

  4. Take their tucking oil and imprison every politician who has ever had peaceful dealings with Saudi officials …and bomb Israel

  5. Want to end the worlds problems. Begin bombing Israel and Saudi Arabia solid for a year , capture every official in both nations and send them to GITMO to be tried by the American people only. If one politician gets in the way, imprison them and their entire families for,life. Return power to the people of America. And never forget this : we have been so apathetic for so long that the CIA is literally assasinating American citizens. We must reel in the federal government Never vote for an R nor a D… Thayer both the same….

  6. I just find it so rich that Saudi and other countries lecture my country, Israel on human rights. A country where I, as a female can drive, vote, show my hair or wear shorts without jailtime. It's infuriating, actually.

  7. It's really annoying… how predominantly western countries (like the United Kingdom or Ireland for example, my countries) have to accept, live, deal with these cultures, religious believes, Islamic standards, mass amounts of immigration, shops/organisations and so many other things. Yet Saudi Arabia seems to ban everything it pleases, and doesn't let anybody really live that free outside of a very strict religious law and ideology (that doesn't even exist), but the UK (not the only one) in practically must/is forced to accept the Islamic culture in full and accept huge amounts of refugees/asylum seekers. Ladies out there, it's even worst you. Look how much freedom you get in the UK or US for instance ladies don't give me any "feminist" bullshit now, you know I'm right!

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