13 thoughts on “She’s Mad Because I Don’t Chase

  1. Being an alpha is the opposite of being a jerk, if u are centered and have enough testosterone you would be able to manage this nonsense with out a problem, stop being a dick this ain't ur ex wife anymore get over it

  2. this is so funny I naturally did do Little tasks for my girl. it bothered me but I did it anyway lol but in the back of my mind I was like," really? can't you do it?" but I past the test and legs opened!

  3. thanks corey, you always seem to come out with a video the same day im dealing with the issues your touching. keep up the inspiration!

  4. lol that end to your video, I'm probably the only Jamaican who has been watching your videos and reading your book, I must say you have helped me progress in life more the past 2 weeks than i did the past 2 decades, I know i'll continue to grow better and when i make it to the top I know I'll have you to thank for that

  5. Hey I started hooking up with this girl and it started as a once and a while "bootycall" and over the past month we've been hooking up like twice a week and one night we were in my friends room and she brought how she hooked up w some guy the week before, normally I wouldn't care since she's just a booty call but once I heard her say that I told myself fuck this girl I'm done with her and totally blew her off the rest of the night and didn't say anything, it's bothering me cause I don't know if I have feelings for this girl or if i even want any but lately I've been really enjoying hanging out with her. I've never showed that I was emotionally attached to her. And idk if I should show that I'm emotionally attached next time I hit her up. What should I do.

  6. Watching this video, I am not ready for a girl. I would tell her to fuck off and grow the fuck up, stop being stupid, acting like a Princess =D

    damn that felt good!

  7. You have a shiny kitchen Corey Wayne. I hope to have a shiny kitchen like you someday. Love your videos dude.

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