19 thoughts on “Ski Carving 2

  1. на повороте один человек подпрыгивает. Это ошибка

  2. When I was a collegiate ski racer the most cogent advice my coach gave me was-
    "Remember that your turn is a direction change, first, then a speed control, second, so minimize the latter."
    I see beautiful turns and very aggressive speed controls through the end of the turn.
    2 polite questions –
    ?how about videos' of these skiers on slightly less steep trails and maximizing their speed?
    ?how about slow motion of the same skiers rather than these as you have shown?
    btw, white helmet, green goggles is demonstrating avalement at the end of his turns when his skis come off the snow.
    Excellent videos and Thank You! for the posting.

  3. The skier that ski at 1:43 and 4:00 isreally strong, the best in the clip I thing. I really like how he take the time to align is self on the outside ski at the start of the turn and how he take the time to glide with the ski a cross the mountain, some of the other person some time are enter to quick inside with there hip joint, but still good skiing in general. Good work.

  4. What is the length of skis should be for the carving technique? At the height 175, weight 65 kg

  5. BUENAS TARDES, me podrías especificar que skis necesito para realizar esos giros? Me refiero a Radio de curva y Roker. Mi nivel es medio. Gracias

  6. Carving is impossible if there are a lot of people on the ski slope. It is why I think this is bad technique.

  7. Very much like you ski, I watch this video almost every day. I just started skiing more than a year, so I have a question to ask you, does the need to force down the inner legs??

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