20 thoughts on “Steam Tug Hercules STEAM UP!

  1. Whats the small green device that just oscillates back and forth slowly? I'm guessing a lubrication pump?

  2. Wesley Harcout,the boiler burners burn fuel oil,, or gas oil?? i was naval engineer,,but in the 90"s engine mechanic,,,not speciality in boilers,,,is correct heat the boller slowly to avoid the stress in pipes,,,and plates,,the work pressure is a feature os the ship boiler,,,200,,,300 libs,,,etc.

  3. Nice video, gives a feeling of being there.
    Enjoyed the Sand Pebbles reference (main steam stop walwe).

  4. This is really cool. My friend joe loves steam engines. By the way how much oil do you guys go through on a regular basis and what is the engines max rpm?

  5. A steam engine is a living, breathing being. Steam turbines may be incredibly efficient, but, sorry, they are nothing to see :-(.  If you see the 100 inch beam pumping engine at Kew (in the Thames London suburb) start up, manual valve operation until she reaches her full stroke, when the automatic control kicks in, and the feeling of sheer POWER that comes with it! The massive beam rocking effortlessly (so it seems), then you remember that the beam weighs as much as a truck!

    Horizontal, vertical, marine, locomotive or stationary, they are ALIVE. I have spent hours watching the Triple expansion engine in the paddle steamer Waverly that does an annual summer tour around the south coast of Britain before returning to Scotland. With the paddles on either side, she has a high-up crankshaft, the 3 cylinders athwartships down on the keel, and the connecting rods pushing upwards at 30 degrees or so. Quite different to a propshaft and screw, but just as mesmerizing!

    Thank you for posting this, and I hope Hercules keeps in steam!

  6. Served as a Boiler Tech on a Gearing class Destroyer in the 70s. A little more advanced boiler system with the Babcok and Wilcox 600 P.S.I. "M-Type" marine boiler with separate superheaters.

  7. I thought the water was supposed to be OUTSIDE the ship. That is the "wettest" operation I've ever seen. Awesome footage Wes–Thanks! Do they ever let the ship run? It needs to do some pullin'.

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