17 thoughts on “The Carpenters – Top Of The World

  1. what year was this ? She looks better here than other videos ive seen, too bad she could not overcome this condition, I wonder if she knew her body needed protein and without it the body compensates..

  2. I grew up watching The Carpenters and it was just so frustrating watching Karen slide further and further into her eating disorder!!! It seemed like every time I would see her on television she would be skinnier and more sickly looking. I would wish at times I could meet her and just get down on my knees in front of her and plead with her to stop what she was doing and let someone help her. I so loved listening to her sing, and I still love her voice to this day. Such a shame.

  3. I was very young when I 1st heard this song. I thought it refreshingly free and innocent.. .sweet and sexy…gave me a sensation of wanting to live and love. To go out to the world with arms wide OPEN. Then I grew up, became an adult like we do and Now I hear it and cry.

  4. I dont think Karen ever looked better than she did in this video, both in her face and body. Very voluptuous and healthy.

  5. There had never been a voice like Karen's until she came along and there never will again be a voice like Karen's . She was a unique talent , just one of a kind and her beautiful voice will be played for all eternity .

  6. When a singer can ask you, in her song, to take her hand, come with her, and go to places only she can take you…that is a gift we seldom see anymore in performers. We love you, Karen.

  7. She had such an angelic voice. I believe Karen's mother was to blame for her not getting help for her anorexia. She was too worried what people might think. Had Karen been placed in a full time facility to treat her illness, as her brother suggested, she may have been alive today.

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