The Church Needs a New Roof

We are looking at how best to address the problems with the roof at the church. As best I can tell it was last done over about twenty five years ago and of course that is typically the lifetime of a roof. I just took a couple hours off of work and met with a guy who does the quotes for a roofing company in NYC. He was saying that the roof needed to be replaced completely, which was what I expected him to say. Of course we were hoping that it would fine to just patch the place where it is leaking, in one of the Sunday school classes on the second floor of the older part of the structure. It has to be replaced completely and that is not all of it. The roof that is on there has to be completely removed. If you get lucky you can skip that and just put more of the stuff that they use on top of what is already on it. If you did not know this, then there is a limit to how much weight any structure is going to be able to hold up. If you put too much on it, then the roof is going to buckle or fall through at some point. Every time that you add more roofing compound to the roof you are adding a lot of weight. So you can only do it so many times before you have too much weight for the roof to handle. It is not just the roof that you have to think about. If you remember last winter we had incredible amounts of snowfall. Water weighs nearly nine pounds per gallon. Of course the weight of snow is going to vary according to how dense it happens to be.

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