19 thoughts on “The Church Of What’s Happening Now #496 – Dean Delray and Mauricio Alvarado

  1. Joey Diaz needs to get off his fucking high horse and listen to someone else for a change. Torturing Lee about the sushi place… come on man.

  2. Trump is making American great again, while idiots like Alvarado are trying to keep america dumb. The battle between the successful/informed versus the angry idiots.

  3. I was an ugly guy when I came here and I am still an ugly guy. Now I got the white hair looking smooth. Joey is hilarious.

  4. Dean Delray is trying to use Lee to look like a tour guide. Busting balls to look cool in front of Mauricio Alvarado.

  5. Saw "edgy" douche in "edgy" anti-trump shirt and knew… C'mon mannnn…. like don't be a fascist and schtuff mannnnnnnn

  6. I can't believe they forgot the Priest album between British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance. Point of Entry cocksuckas!!

  7. Lee is just not a fan of classic rock. he likes momo electro boy EDM like, infected mushroom. joey tries his most to make him a fan of the real stuff but he just goes into a cold sweat like he's hungry for lizard hummus..

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