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  1. In 2006 I started to read the bible and since then I have read the bible 4 times ,I stared to write prayers to Almighty God in a book I prayed mostly for wisdom and understanding to open my eyes because some versus in the bible God says the earth is flat ,76 bible versus in all ,slowly our Almighty Father began to answer my prayers ,I started to use you tube to find more from my Heavenly Father and a lot had he shown me ,one day the flat earth showed up and it was one of your videos ,it was 2 hours long ,I watched the whole thing and then other videos popped up about like the fake moon landings ,so to me Almighty God has shown me the truth opened my eyes ,so now I am a flat earth believer ,I have become a servant of our Almighty Father ,so I say to you Eric Dubay may Almighty God bless your heart and soul and keep you safe to keep you spreading his truth ,Amen brother.

  2. This doesn't explain how the stars rotate opposite way in the Southern Hemisphere. It only makes sense on a globe, oval, egg shape object rotating.Debunked in the first 2 minutes. Also the jet stream isn't discussed. Without earths rotation the jet stream and the ocean tides couldn't exist. Basic observable science here. Very "slow" people can see through these really vague alternative explanation of facts while leaving out anything that dismisses this theory from the start such as mentioned above

  3. I don't believe in god. So to completely buy into the dome and edge (I don't buy any nasa stuff) I'd have to find a source that created this petrie dish we are supposedly in.
    It's a complex SimCity thing with creatures big and small, catastrophes, seasons, technology, disease, food, sex, et al. Weird. Freaky. If true and we escaped what would we see….only infinite water?

  4. this video had over 1500000 views a few days ago, now it only has just over 200,000.. if the masonic owners of youtube and google are not threatened by erics videos, WHY do they keep either taking them down or removing the number of views??? Obviously people are less biased to a video on flat earth with a small amount if views compared to one of the shills whos videos will remain in the millions in number of views. some people in this realm will never believe that the earth is flat until they hear it on the news.

  5. so I have a question I don't see much. but this is for proof the world is flat. some one plz or explain bubble's. always go up. but only if in north? on south they rise south? west the rise west? and east rise east? hmmmm?

  6. The following words speak deeply to me. When read with the revelation of flat earth in mind, they are even more meaningful. This is from Seth/Jane Roberts: "At the risk of repeating myself, you live in a safe universe. At the risk of repeating myself you can no longer equivocate either. When you find yourself in a period of distress, it is because you do not trust your safety. You can not live in a safe universe and an unsafe one at the same time. You have to make a complete choice.
    If you choose a safe universe then you may, indeed, find some old habitual ideas, thoughts, or beliefs coming to haunt you. Those belonged to the unsafe universe and made perfect sense there. And, there they still do. When you change your affiliation and find yourself now and then encountering such feelings (and they are always one way or another feelings of insecurity), then admit to yourself that while they made sense in the unsafe universe, they do not belong in the safe one. Literally, such feelings make no sense in a safe universe. They are literally meaningless. Your body reacts to the feelings of insecurity by retreating to whatever degree, slight or occasional, or with determined persistence (your body or anyone else's), as long as you really believe you live in a state of threat."

    ~Seth [Jane Roberts]
    Session 757, Personal Sessions, Book 3

    We live on a safe plane-t, nested within a safe universe. Even if you can't feel those words as truth (and why should you? you have been trained not to feel safe!) ask yourself, WHAT IF? WHAT IF we have misunderstood our reality entirely? "What if Heaven is Earth, seen clearly?" And open mind can explore this "what if" through imagination. An awakened mind knows that by using his or her imagination this way, new worlds are created. Collectively, if we do this, if we imagine a peaceful and safe world, then we will create this. Evil = convincing us that we are unsafe. Antidote = remember that we are safe. Result = freedom from an evil lie. Future = Earth as a safe environment to grow and evolve humanity. Future of Evil = since they feed off of the results of a lie, if the lie is not believed, they will not have human fear to feed off of. Evil = parasites who are really smart and clever and use the inherent power of humans against humans. Awake and aware humans: those who know that scarcity and lack of security and original sin are IDEAS that serve to imprison humans in their own minds. Flat Earth = part of that awakening; coming home.

  7. The whole point of the deep space illusion is to convert the whole world into a atheist state of mind and to reject the idea of a creator.

  8. People that are south of the equator see different stars and constellations. The three brightest stars in the sky, Sirius, Canopus, and Alpha Centauri, belong to the Southern Hemisphere. Is it possible to explain this while holding true to the notion that the Earth is flat? Shouldn't all of the same stars in the sky be visible to everyone on a flat Earth?

  9. Even all of these so called free minded people and new paradigm pushers claim to be open minded while shut down on this topic, I hope this personality type becomes extinct real quick.

    you ass shitty as the sheoples displaying cognitive dissonance on any concept of life, your JUST the same.

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