1. idk what idiot one must be to get a dog and not read anything about the breed; and if Jasmin did, she must have been aware that a wolfdog is strictly carnivorous one and that stuffing it with spuds would cause a great deal of harm. so she's either unbelievably stupid or a cruel hypocrite, because I don't believe that somebody in full mental consciousness can be so irresponsible to get a living creature and have literally no knowledge of how to take care about it

  2. Hey Drama Queen, your umbrella, has too many leaks in it. I would rather get drenched in a torrential rainstorm than get under your umbrella.

  3. 1:15:45 "I'M VEGAN CHEETAH, I CAN TAKE THE HATE" HAHAHAHAAHAhAHAHA! No matter where you forward to in this video, you'll hear something retarded & highly untrue come out of Charles' mouth

  4. I think it's scandalous that Bite Sized Charles is a previous & current junkie and has a criminal record longer than it takes his girlfriend to spell 'cat'.

  5. Hey dumbass, what exactly would you be exposing if she was a stripper? That she needed money? Or are you still 12 years old where you think that girls who become strippers do it because they have no values & love dick too much? "Bite Sized Emily", it's like calling you The Vegan Charlie, that's not your channel's name OR your youtube name you closet skeleton collector

  6. Alina has some nasty, ugly pics on her instagram and is in no way even remotely attractive ….and her body is average at best for her age .
    So maybe refrain from commenting on other women's looks when your girl is a 2 on a good day .

  7. It is not surprising to me at all that Bite Sized Vegan was a stripper. She seems like the kind of person who likes to exploit others and profit off of them. It explains why she is a vegan its a great area to exploit people and profit from it. People like her are very sick. They are not good people, they are professional manipulators who love to hurt and exploit others. Bite Sized Vegan seems to be just a sleazy, selfish, greedy, profiteer who lacks morals and ethics.

  8. So it is ok for Alina to be a sugar baby and sleep with guys for money​. But Emily can't dance to put herself through college and better her life. at least she wasn't doing drugs and wasting her life away, or assaulting people with a deadly weapon. it doesn't change the fact that she is an intelligent, successful woman. if anything women are going to celebrate her for having the courage to show off her body and get a scholarship for it. i respect her she is another sexy vegan youtuber, i hope she does pole dancing videos in the future.

  9. That guy you had as a guest is so annoying. He loves him some vegan gains lol His argument against Richard not knowing the dog came from a breeder is so dumb! He's so gullible.

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