15 thoughts on “THE VOLATILE AUTO RIFLE – Hard Light | Destiny

  1. The hardlight is somewhat situational. It's a great support weapon if you are willing to spec your load out for the team. Increase the reload of auto rifle on your gauntlets and increase the amount of auto rifle ammo you can carry with your chest piece.

    When you're done, just go to town and spam the crap out of that gun. If you are familiar with the map, use the corners and the walls to your advantage and keep your opponents at bay or funnel them to a different path. Let your teammates take the kills as you assist them in misdirection. In the right hands, this gun will wreck some teams hard.

    Also, if this gun doesn't run out of ammo at least one time in a game, you're not using it right. If you run out of ammo on this gun that's how you know you've really put it through its paces.

  2. why is Kylo Ren playing destiny? he's probably gonna end up destroying his console with his lightsaber

  3. I have this auto rifle and it just may be my favorite but I still go for range even with the no damage fall off because not all your targets are gonna be close so with max range and no damage fall off makes this a very dangerous weapon I'm telling you very rare you'll loose a 1on1 gun fight….

  4. Blessious, you are awesome! Keep going. Every time I watch I'm laughing and smiling. Thanks, man.

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