16 thoughts on “This Will Revolutionize Education

  1. As said in the video, all well controlled studies show, that there is no significant difference in learning with or without books, videos, animatics etc. Can you please provide me with references on these studies? I would like to learn more about both research methods and results of the studies.

  2. i think learning wont take place until you use it. like you are talking about heart- a person wont truly understand how the heart works unless he has to work out something in the heart(like a surgery?)

  3. hye.. derek.. i find this video very interesting. working in an education industry, i can surely relate to this video. i am just wondering whether it is ok for me to download this video and share it in my employer's company website so that it can be viewed by my colleauges.. i will put a credit to your youtube channel. p/s: the company that i am working with blocks youtube… 🙁 thank you in advance for your reply… 🙂

  4. The first portion of the video just shows the product hype the inventors are creating. But no, the internet itself is revolutionizing education. Eager students can learn themselves through the internet and be ahead of the class or level. Current system is too slow and weak for eager students and those with strong particular interest.

  5. 3 star rating. Its a bit too fast. Background images are blurred when projected. Ratio needs adjustment.

  6. I had 100% of my students pass the IGCSE Cambridge exams again this year … because I'm more of a tour guide and cheerleader than mathematician. great thoughts!

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