17 thoughts on “TJV Sat – UNCHARTED TERRITORY AHEAD!!! – #1132

  1. The A& W's are excellent in the Alberta Area. Just like in America in the 80's. So glad i visited the Calgary Alberta Area. But Wisconsin is Nicer.

  2. Good morning truck Josh how did you sleep how is the weather and temperature by you how are you doing how you heard from brit I see the roads are very busy were you are I see you are very excited to far and are you excited for your wedding that is coming up from south Africa from philip donges

  3. Hey guys we all know Trucker Josh is the Tom Hanks of YouTube. But please do a big favor and go check out Dooner Livingstone. Great videos with alot of comedic humor! And please don't forget to hit the subscribe button!

  4. Since Diesel's birthday is coming up, you might do a montage of him since you got him. It would be neat to see Puppy Diesel.

  5. Yes married life makes you a " BIG " man !! I should know 44 years married and 60 lbs gain , my wife is a great cook !

  6. I found your vlogs about a week ago, I'm totally addicted to them. I love you, Britt and of course Herr Diesel Weasel . Looking forward to seeing N.W.T. Keep up the work Trucker Josh

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