11 thoughts on “Unbiased Parallel Clippers

  1. How to identify the dc wave that it will be (+) or (-) for different battery n diode connection?

  2. If [Vo=(-Vi)] for negative half-cycle, then shouldn't the polarity of Vo be opposite to that of Vi?
    ie. if Vi is -ve, then Vo should be +ve, no? What am I missing?

  3. if the output is – Vi then should the output while plotting should be shown as 180° phase change

  4. If R is not small, there will be a substantial current through it causing a voltage drop. How to calculate V(R) then?
    videos with numerical values can aid to comprehension.

  5. What if the ideal diode replace with pratical diode (silicon) ?
    The Vo during the 1st half cycle will be 0.7 ?

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