17 thoughts on “WOW: MAD DOG Mattis warns North Korea not to invite ‘destruction of its people’ in Power Statement!

  1. Kim jong ping pong un is a chubby fat kid that doesn't know what he's doing. N Korea is gonna be off the map soon

  2. General How about dropping leaflets over NK like we did over Germany telling the people the regime is putting there life in Jeopardy.

  3. I am trying to get out of California.. not a good place at all to be in.. has become a communistic place.. and is more and more becoming so.. would get out now but my son's mom will not let us get out of here.. custody agreement.. but if it gets much worse.. I will figure a way to get us out of here.

  4. People who are experienced in Politics know very well that the way trump talks it means, HE WILL NEVER ATTACK NORTH KOREA………

  5. meanwhile everyone is giving they're attention to Kim jong fat boy. What's going on behind the curtain in our own back yard?

  6. NK BOY is delusional with visions of grandeur….a hero in his own mind. That is why he won't back down. Besides, China and Russia are likely to attack USA if things heat up.

  7. That's how you do it. The press in the US did not understand that they have come together in time of crisis. But if Trump handles this and lock little Kim in the past, Trump will be super-loaded with full credit and that will go forever.

  8. understand this that the fat brat with the bad haircut has let his alligator mouth over load his canary a$$. If he does not strike as threatened he will loose "face" which gets paid off with a .32 caliber bullet in his ear. He has absolutely got to do something.

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